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91stBG cid  

Sortie ID 35222
Country United States
Mission Name AoP_Battle_of_Midway_42
Mission Start Time January 12th 2018 07:17 PM
Sortie Start Time January 12th 2018 10:14 PM
Sortie Duration 00:04:17
Score 0
Pilot Status at end of Sortie KIA
Aircraft Flown B-17D ( 71* )
Aerodrome AM8.5
Weapons Loadout 14x300 lb Bombs
Fuel Load 30%
Plane Status at End of Sortie SHOTDOWN
Air Combat Results
Stat Enemy Friendly
Confirmed Aircraft Kills 0.00 0
Probable Aircraft Kills 0 N/A
ShotDown By Another Aircraft 1 0
Ground Attack Results
Ground Target Hit Enemy Friendly
No Ground Targets Hit
ShotDown By Ground Forces 0 0
Weapon Fired Hit Hit %
Guns Cannon 47 0 0.0
Guns Cannon Air 47 0 0.0
Rockets 0 0 0.0
Bombs 0 0 N/A


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Time (Min:sec) Event Sortie
00:00Sortie Start 
02:42Wheels Up 
03:32Plane Damaged by PILOT ( Neurotoxin )[SORTIE]
03:40Pilot Killed 
03:40Shotdown by PILOT ( Neurotoxin )[SORTIE]
04:16Sortie End - Mission End 

Stats modify by 2/JG26_Achileus & 310_Podrs