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Current Mission - AoP_Battle_of_Midway_42
[ Est. Time Left 58 Minutes]


TeamSpeak 3: ts3.acesovereurope.org:10140 password: aces

Server is running on 4.12.2 + HSFX 7.0.3 / History Mod

Last Restart of Server Stats 15.12.2013

Messages from the Front
2OOth_Taro_r: gn8!
2OOth_Taro_r: 40 min left
2OOth_Taro_r: Yes, but at that time they are rtb now
2OOth_Taro_r: only 3 targets left for red to win map
2OOth_Taro_r: rgr,cool
E69_Haukka: ohh...ok!
2OOth_Taro_r: use
2OOth_Taro_r: at 33 i destroyed
2OOth_Taro_r: rgr
E69_Haukka: rgr. Im heading AT-33, jet bomber
2OOth_Taro_r: im attack aq38 now
E69_Haukka: ok, nice!
2OOth_Taro_r: * catapoult
2OOth_Taro_r: now you can uuse 100% fuel on Panther Jet. Catyapoult is updated.
2OOth_Taro_r: HI

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Mission Victories
All Missions ( 20845 ) 10  7
AoP_Battle_of_Midway_42 ( 702 ) 0 No Winners Yet 0
Mission Status
Start Time: 22.05.2019 09:43
Est. Time Left: 58 Minutes
Red Objectives Remaining Blue Objectives Remaining
No limits on Planes/Pilots No limits on Planes/Pilots
(AM8.4/Tgt Circle-100%)
(AM8.4/Tgt Circle-100%)
(AM8.5/Tgt Circle-100%)
Limited Plane Availability - Red Limited Plane Availability - Blue
No Plane Limits for Red
No Plane Limits for Blue

Top Scores by Squadron
Squadron # Pilots Total Sorties Total Air Kills Total Ground Kills Total Score
Top Scores by Pilot
Rank Pilot # Sorties Avg Score Total Score
Second Lieutenant Paker 27 61,916 1,671,732
Squadron Leader john_frost 993 455 451,825
генерал-майор (Major General) =DON=Duck` 497 726 360,957
海軍少将 Kaigun Shōshō (Major General) motor 1,531 212 324,468
海軍少将 Kaigun Shōshō (Major General) Passero 720 292 210,247
陸軍少将 Rikugun Shōshō (Major General) *{64s}Otsu_I 289 703 203,172
陸軍少将 Rikugun Shōshō (Major General) OkhaBaka 516 359 185,051
Brigadier General StG77_CountZero 376 374 140,732
Colonel Davesteu 578 224 129,195
Colonel 615sqn_BombH 713 171 122,028

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Actual Fighter Pilot Streaks
Rank Pilot # Sorties Confirmed Kills Deaths Streak